General Details Drug Class
Bendrofluazide acts on the ascending arm of the loop of Henle in the kidney, by blocking the
actions of the sodium / potassium pumps that move sodium and potassium and hence water from
the renal filtrate back into the blood, thus increasing urine production and water loss from
the body. The excretion of sodium and potassium is also increased.

Bendrofluazide is commonly used to treat hypertension and congestive heart failure by lowering
blood volume. It is also used to reduce pre-menstrual oedema.

Manufacturer's Names ™ Availability
Prescription only Over the counter
Aprinox, Berkozide, Neo-Naclex

Centyl-K, Corgaretic, Inderetic
Inerex, Neo-NaClex-K, Prestim

How Taken Dosage Duration of Action Dietry Advice
Tablets 2.5 - 10 mg day 6 - 12 hours This drug leads to the loss of potassium in the urine.
Therefore eat foods rich in potassium such as fruit and veg
Drink plenty of fluids

Side Effects Chiropractic Considerations
Symptoms Occurrence
Common Rare
Leg cramps
Lethargy or fatigue
Muscle weakness and spasm may occur due to potassium loss

May alter muscle reflexes.

Light headedness and vertigo when standing up.

Drug Interactions Special Precautions
Aspirin increases the bio-availability of acetazolamide
therefore may increase side effects

Bendrofluazide may increase blood levels of lithium drugs

Increased risk of cardiac-arrhythmias if used with digoxin
Not to be taken during pregnancy

Avoid alcohol

Increased adverse reactions in old age

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